Project Dismember 2010

Session #2: The Prole Hole

Lamenting the Departed

  • Julian died in the last session, eaten by zombies.

New Survivors

  • Ben
  • Evan

The Story Continues


Session #1: Mcdonalds

Introducing the Survivors

  • Faye Wilks, a mid-50s cancer survivor, closest racist, and pharmacology blogger.
  • Kristin Roberts, a college sophomore ROTC cadet, neat freak, with a soft spot for animals.
  • Randy Morton, a middle-aged wife-beating, drug-dealing little league coach.
  • Leslie Morton, a meek abused housewife who collects commemorative plates.
  • Julian, a 66-year-old scrappy Spaniard with a no-nonsense personality.
  • Jeanie Sullivan-White, a fresh-outta-highschool bi-curious trailer park girl, seeking more out of life.
  • Sebastian Fitzgerald, a mid-30s tobacco industry lobbyist.

And Special Appearances by:

  • Santos, Julian’s German Shepard

Unsorted Notes

Boarded up McDonalds, opens with Randy slapping Leslie for mayo on his burger

Noise attracts two zombies who were hiding in the back

Most folks make an effort to get out, Randy and Leslie make a stand, get hurt, leave.

Sebastian leads everyone to roof, starts working on blocking the stairs.

Meanwhile more zombies are attracted from the area and converge on the building.

Julian makes a stand to distract zombies while others try to get to higher ground.

Julian goes down, dog survives, Randy football-runs him up the ladder to the roof.

Roof is blocked, but more zombies are coming.

Sebastian and Kristin drop down and take an abandoned escalade from the drive-thru. After some shenanigans, the whole crew is aboard and speeding away, but the dog is left behind on the roof.


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